Athos vs. Beasts

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Action Puzzle 


Trow the bombs at evil beasts to destroy them. Physics based action puzzle. Box2D engine.rnrnFeaturesrn 30 base levels rn 4 chapters (Church, Town, Bastion, Castle)rn 3 special levels (blowing tubes)rn good reward system, score is matterrn 9 types of trowing objects (bombs, spears, stones)rn ability to choose which new level to play (3 and more)rnrnGame has theme. France of XVII century. And has "bookish" style just like you are reading some adventure story with colorful pictures.rnrnNo need for complicated tutorial. There is little hints appearing at the start of first levels, picture and some words.rnrnBeast character has funny animation and goofy sounds.rnrnTypes of game playrnrnThe game is very friendly to casual or "lazy" player. He can skip levels where he has stuck. There is always 3 new levels to choose from. So player can skip 2 levels. And play only "good" ones.rnrnThe player how likes challenge also find fun in the game. Gain new high score at the level. Get more stars. Open the special bonus levels.rnrn

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